Motorola, Rapid Charger Kit, RLN-6304

Motorola, Rapid Charger Kit
Motorola, Rapid Charger Kit
Item# RLN-6304
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Motorola, Rapid Charger Kit
Motorola RDX 2 Hr. Rapid Charger Kit When your business needs the agility of a fleet of business walkie-talkies that can turn around fully charged and ready in just 2 hours, you're in luck with the RDX 2 hour rapid charger kit.

Simply drop your RDX walkie-talkie in the drop-in charging tray, plug in the wall adapter and come back to pull your radio out of the RDX 2 hour rapid charger kit 2 hours later.

After hours or weekend orders for RDX 2 hour rapid charger kits are shipped the very next business day.

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