Occunomix Vulcan Full Brim Hard Hat w/ Ratchet Suspension, Item # VF200

Occunomix Vulcan Full Brim Hard Hat w/ Ratchet Suspension, Item # VF200

Full Brim Hard Hat (Ratchet Suspension)
Full Brim Hard Hat (Ratchet Suspension)
Item# VF200
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Product Description

A 360 degree extended brim protects face, ears, neck and shoulders from falling objects, rain, snow, splashes, drips and sun, without hampering vision. Extended brim also helps guard against bumps into stationary objects. VF200 is balanced to stay in place on head, is crafted for increased air circulation, includes eyelets for affixing chin strap and embossed date of manufacture.

Inside, the Vulcan Hard Hat features an ultra soft yet strong, super comfortable, 6 Point woven nylon web - crown strap system that acts as a rugged shock absorber with six load-bearing points to spread impact over a larger area, and stabilize the Hard Hat.

Suspension also features a "dial your size" to precisely personalize, Ratchet sizing adjustment, in 1/8" increments, and is non-irritating. Included FREE with Suspension - a detachable plush cotton terry, laminated over soft foam, Front Sweatband to enhance comfort and snug sizing without leaving marks on forehead.

You can order customized hat with your simple one color or high quality photographic logo. Please call for more information.

Features: Compliance: ANSI Z89.1, Type I, Class E, G & C The world\'s first "Intelligent Hard Hat" displays Metric Tables and Celsius/Fahrenheit Temperature conversion charts embossed under the full brim The ergonomically engineered injection-molded outer shell is made in USA High-density polyethylene, certified to resist penetration, deflect blows to the head from falling objects and protect against low and high voltage shocks and burns Recommended For: Construction Transportation Safety Maintenance

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